The network effect of charitable giving

Welcome to LocalGood’s first Blog post! We’re thrilled to be able to interact with you through these blogs & look forward to your views..

LocalGood started with some questions – What if people in need in a local area asked for help? What would we do if we had stuff to give away and were aware of their needs? Could we sustain giving over a period of time & continue to involve the community? If we provide enough incentives to people, could we appeal to their good side?

Despite what some think, we’ve not turned into a society of selfish loners…  LocalGood believes people are mostly altruistic and generous, and would help out if they had immediate information about other people facing problems in their own neighborhood. Many community minded people have selflessly volunteered time and energy in being a part of the charities around the Bay Area organizing several events to make a local impact. LocalGood is attempting to build on their efforts by attempting to popularize giving in each zipcode.

An IBIS report listed “The ability to attract local support/patronage” “Reputation” & the “ability to educate the wider community” as three out of six of the most important success factors for charities. Mobile networks have the power to cause immediate change to positively impact communities and help Charities achieve these success factors one community at a time.  Through immediacy of feedback and individual social recognition for Good deeds and extrinsic rewards, LocalGood’s mobile platform is attempting to change social behavior & make giving a habit. We have been very fortunate in the short time since we’ve launched to have the support & feedback from the people at of some  amazing charities & businesses in the Bay Area, especially Hope Services(,  CAA(, Goodwill SV( & The Cost of Courage Foundation (

As the beta adopters of LocalGood, their feedback has been invaluable in helping us innovate our platform. We’ve started offering rewards through local businesses, notably Remington Dental ( in Sunnyvale, Nu-Ricks LLC ( & a few other merchants who have started accepting LocalGood’s rewards points (GoodCredits). If the “network effect” of good sets in, the potential to offer credits for a variety of social improvement is limitless, one neighborhood at a time.

We encourage you to provide your views – will extrinsic rewards provide enough incentive to create lasting behavior change?


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